Menekse Aviation Import Co.Ltd. was established in 1976. The company is based in Ankara and covers entire Turkey in the field of military and civil aviation.

The president of the company is Mr.Erdogan Menekse who is an active airline transport pilot with around 20,000 flying hours. He has been active on aviation since 1963 as an instructor pilot and parachuting/skydiving instructor, with about owing himself 2,000 jumps.

Menekse Aviation's share holders and employees are mostly instructors as active skydivers, pilots and aircraft technicians who have been involved in aviation for more than 2-3 decades.

The company currently represents several leading manufacturers, corporations and international distributors of the world. Some of the companies are represented as follows:

Newpiper (Aircrafts Manufacturer)
Honeywell, Bendix-King (Aircraft Avionic System)
Aerostar Hot Air Baloons - USD (Hot Air Balloons Manufacturer)
Jeppesen (Airway Manual Service, Flight Information)
Saab NYGE, Aero Sweden (Target Towing)
Mechtronix (Training Device)
Oceaneering (Atmospheric Diving Suit)

Aviation oriented company's latest achievement was winning highly competitive tender on two corporate aircrafts. This is to mention CHEYENNE IIIA of PIPER.

More such activities are expected in the near future due to recently machines sold in TURKEY.

Menekse Aviation reached 9 millions US dollars of total transactions realized in recent years, and the company continues in promotion of general aviation in Turkey with its ever increasing trend.